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Upcoming events

Sun 6 August - 15km road race Ballarat

Sat 19 August - Ekiden relay St Anne's Myrniong

Sun 3 September - Half marathon Burnely

Sat 16 September - Tan Relays

Bundoora cross country - 22 July 2023

Results TBA

Sandown road relays - 8 July 2023

Results TBA

Cruden Farm cross country - 17 June 2023

Results TBA

St Anne's Bendigo cross country - 27 May 2023

Results TBA

Albert Park 10k road race - 7 May 2023

Results TBA

Jells Park cross country relays - 22 April 2023

Results TBA

Jells Park cross-country relays - 1 May 2021

F50+ 3x3km: 5th - Sally Lim: 13:20, Jay Wright: 20:26, Jacqueline Mitchell: 17:45
FOpen Div 2 4x6km: 9th - Uma Muthia: 26:50, Madeline Daws: 29:07, Niamh O'Reilly: 26:25, Janice Marston: 31:39
FOpen Div 4 3x6km: 5th - Emily Stokes: 32:20, Petra Spiteri: 35:11, Tessa Mitchell: 29:24
M40+ 3x6km: 6th - Martin Spiteri: 23:32, Ernest Lim: 26:04, Stephen Paine: 22:47
M50+ 3x6km: 5th - James McEniry: 27:10, David Venour: 22:38, Glenn Goodman: 25:20
MOpen Div 3 5x6km: 12th - Michael Holst: 23:18, Trevor Nguyen: 25:41, Daniel Spiteri: 25:55, Glenn Carroll: 25:12, Andrew Baxter: 24:58
MOpen Div 4 5x6km:12th - Nicholas Spiteri: 29:11, Michael Jansen: 18:24, John Evans: 38:47, Reamonn Jansen: 27:17, James Atkinson: 24:48

2021 winter calendar

22 May - c/c Lardner Park
5 June - Ekiden Relays, St Anne's Winery Myrniong
26 June - c/c Cruden Farm
10 July - road relays Sandown
17 July - c/c Bundoora
31 July - 15k road race Ballarat
15 Aug - 10k road race Albert Park
5 Sep - 1/2 marathon Burnley
18 Sep - Tan relays

Vale - Warren Holst

Some very sad news to report. One of our Athletics Waverley club greats has passed away. Warren "The Heap" Holst has been battling an aggressive form of cancer over the past 12 months and sadly is no longer with us. Warren was as tough as they come and it's hard to fathom that he could be brought down.

Our thoughts are with his family who are also close to us Lizzy, Mikey, Clare and Anne who have all been involved with Waverley because of Warren.

I remember Warren when I first started running with Waverley. He worked hard as a concrete cutter, played footy on Saturday mornings and then would turn up to the AV runs straight afterwards. I was in pretty good shape back then, and he was always a couple of minutes ahead of me. He used to run 10K in 30:25, 15K in 47:08 and the half in under 70 minutes.

He took to the Otway Classic, back in the day when this was one of the biggest running events in Australia with sponsored teams doing battle through the hilly roads through the Otways. Holsty was as strong as an ox and progressed from being a good runner to one of the team captains, amongst the likes of Steve Monneghetti , Mal Norwood, Brad Camp etc. Holsty was just tough. To handle multiple races in a day at that level was only handled well by a few special people like Holsty.

Later on he had a go, he came out of seni retirement to have a go at something longer - 100K, and soon progressed to being in the National team, and then the fastest in the national team. I think he used to knock out 100K in around 7:20 and would always mutter "It's not that hard".

Holsty was always a lot of fun, and used to get hold of one of the Council mini buses and turn up to Waverley to pick us all up for the drive to Ballarat with the bus filled with balloons and wearing his famous glittering bus drivers hat. He always had a cheeky grin that said things would be alright.

One year we entered a Waverley team in the Oxfam classic which involved 4 of us running together for 100K. Holsty was injured and working, but he promised to come and support us after work if he could. He turned up with 30K to go and ran with us. When Chris hit the wall and we thought it was all over, Holsty got some snakes out of his pocket and plied him with snakes and water and encouragement and managed to get Chris, and the rest of us up and going again to the finish. We definitely couldn't have finished without him there. He would just never give up. As tough as they come.

Vale Holsty. We will miss you dearly

James Atkinson

For your reading pleasure

Wanting to make the best use of the one hour of exercise allowed to you in the People's Republic of Danistan, take inspiration from: Fast company: looking back at the 11 men who have held the one-hour world record

World Cross Country Championships 2021

These are scheduled to be held in Australia next year at Bathurst, NSW. The course is at Mount Panorama, site of the famous Bathurst 1000 car racing circuit, on Saturday March 20th 2021. There are plans to have a community fun run over the course on Friday and junior and Masters races, with the main events the Open Mens and Womens World Cross Country Champs on late Saturday afternoon.

Check out details at: https://worldathleticscrosscountry.com/bathurst21/

Update: oops, these have now been rona'd.

Waverley 5K Iso Handicap Challenge

James has been busy cranking up his dubious handicapping machine:

The challenge is to run a 5K time trial by midnight on Sunday 2nd August. Your team - guys over 40 (the Old B's), guys under 40 (Young Guns)* or ladies - will be awarded points according to James' new formula:

Let James know if he hasn't sent you a handicap time. He is unfairly insisting that the 5k be run in one go.

*guys 40yo apparently aren't eligible

Gardiner's Creek - 6k handicap event: 13 June 2020

The Club managed to slip an event in during the brief period of quasi-freedom.

7 people managed to negative split with Ernie the most impressive dropping over a minute on his 2nd lap. A few managed to slow down by more than half a minute on the last lap with the early pace taking a toll on Maddie, Daniel and Trevor. The Riggy Bear award was presented to Martin for his spectacular pirouette in the water jump in the last lap of the steeple in R12 of Shield at Box hill, a performance that will live on in Waverley history.


2020 Winter season AV races - pre lockdown version

Victorian 2019-2020 Athletics Championships - March 2020

Well done to some great performances.

FPAR16 Discus Aniela Brotto-Janson F38 DQ
  Shot Put Aniela Brotto-Janson F38 7.49m (2nd)
FU14 1500m Aislinn Jansen 5:51.16 (9th
MOP Shot Put Shane Carstairs 16.13m (4th)
MU14 Hammer Harry Pearce 28.04m (5th)
MU15 Hammer Jimmy O'Mara 30.33m (3rd)
  Shot Put Jimmy O'Mara 7.42m (10th)
MU16 1500m Reamonn Jansen 4:22.26 (6th); 4:20.76 (P)
  Hammer Michael Reginald 40.56m (4th)
FU14 800m Aislinn Jansen 2:44.80 (P)
MOP 800m Craig Sanford 2:06.16 (P)
  Discus Shane Carstairs 45.45m (4th)
MU15 Discus Jimmy O'Mara 27.29m (7th)
  Javelin Jimmy O'Mara 25.94m (8th)
MU16 800m Reamonn Jansen 2:07.53 (P)


Shield (summer comp) 2019 - 2020

Well done by the Waverley-Malvern team over summer. We finished up 3rd in Div 4 in our first season together and making the Promotion/ Relegation Final. Despite quite a few of us not being available on the finals weekend, the team did really well with only 10 athletes amassing nearly 10,000 points. A round of applause for Christine Bridle, Linda Buttigieg, Sam Low, Shane Carstairs, David Venour, James McEniry, Jimmy O'Mara, Marcus Boxhall, Michael Fawkner, Trevor Nguyen

Well done on season PB's by:
• 200m Linda Buttigieg 32,87, James McEniry 25.73
• 800m Trevor Nguyen 2:07.5
• Hammer Shane Carstairs 41.14 (huge throw), Marcus Boxhall 14.31
• High jump Linda Buttigieg 1.15, Christine Bridle 1.15, James McEniry 1.40
• Shot put Sam Low 7.47, James McEniry 7.23, Marcus Boxhall 5.46
.. and special mention to Christine Bridle 1,767 points (her best pointscore of the season - and she also did a 5th event which didn't count), Linda Buttigieg 1,728 points (her 2nd best for the season, and did a 5th event which didn't count), James McEniry 1,452 points (4 events including 3 season PB's) and Sam Low 1,140 points (4 events). And well done Christine and Sam for competing in all 12 rounds and the finals.

A big thank you to all of the 40 athletes who have competed with our first ever combined Waverley-Malvern summer team, the helpers, the committees, the coaches, and everyone from both clubs who've supported the team in all sorts of ways.


Waiting for updated rankings records from Aths Vic to update our club records ( current to 10 Jan 2018).