REGISTRATION: 1 April 2015 - 31 March 2016

Membership obligations
Every person registering with Athletics Victoria as a member or prospective member of Athletics Victoria will be bound, as a member, by the constitution and rules of Athletics Waverley.
As the club is run by the members for the members it is necessary that each member (personally or by someone on their behalf) help out at least once a year at either one of the Athletics Victoria events we are required to provide helpers for (summer shield competition, XCR15 races or Victorian championship track and field events) or our fundraiser in December (providing support for the Northcote Gift held at the club's track). If you have a preference please let the club registrar know by email: Members will be notified by the club of the duty roster.


Member category AV fee Club fee Total payable



u/20 or u/18


u/16 or u/14








Age groups are determined as at 31/12/15.
Youth = person 15 - 17 (as at 31/12/15) who had been a Little Athletics Victoria member in the preceding 2 years.
Dual = person 11 - 14 (as at 31/12/15) who are currently a Little Athletics Victoria member.
Associate = person who wishes to use club facilities.

These fees cover all shield (summer track and field) events and the XCR15 relays.
Due to the cost of hiring venues and conducting races Athletics Victoria charges individuals entry fees for the other XCR15 races. These can be paid at separately or a season ticket purchased.

Method of registering and paying
All registration and payments are made via Athletics Victoria will forward the club fee component on to the club.

Discounts are available to the persons qualifying below.
As Athletics Victoria won't provide for club discounts in their registration process it is unfortunately necessary that any person wishing to claim a discount must pay the full amount as above and then request the club provide the discount by way of refund - by completing and forwarding the form found here.

Full Time Student aged 19 - 24 (as at 31/12/2015)                                   $55.00
Full Time Student 17 - 18 (as at 31/12/2015)                                            $25.00
Waverley Life Member                                                                               $80.00
Current Waverley Little Athletics member (on first joining Aths Wav)        $55.00

Performance Rebates (apply to the AV/AWA total fee for existing open & under-age members)
Nationals (2014-15) – win                                                                           100%
Nationals (2014-15) – place or State (2014-15) – win                                 75%
State (2014-15) – place                                                                                50%
XCR15 Series: open – first 10 finish                                                             50%
XCR15 Series: under age – first 5 finish                                                       50%